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harvest is already over. A few weeks ago, I went to the subway station and i saw „stamps“ like this all over the floor. It was a wonderful sunny day. The air was fresh and has been warmed up a bit by the last sunrays. A gently wind went through my hair.
This wind cooled down everything a little bit but I felt very cozy in my red coat.
Whenever the wind stopped, I watched these big beautiful old trees which were wafting very harmoniously. It seemed like they would dance together on beat to the Wind.
Their leaves were golden, red and some of them of this warm yellow.
whenever the sunbeams could find a gab and they passed through it, it looked like the trees were shining.
If you sniffed a little bit you could remark the odor of moist soil and chestnuts.
Everything was gold dipped, the sunrays, the leaves, the air. A small gust of wind hit me and I looked down at the ground, for hiding my face.
I was enchanted. I was standing in the middle of a thousand imprints of leaves. In my perception this was a very aesthetic one.
It has been looked lovely and well printed on the ground.

We were dancing all the time. One night I was out with my friends for celebrating my bfs 25th birthday. Her dress was sparkling and dark blue. We went to our favourite club and the evening promised to become great. So we went inside and ordered the first cocktail and later some more. We danced all night long and because of that, our feet started to hurt. We went to the cloakroom and changed our shoes. Away with the high heels and hello to your flats. At home I noticed that I've lost one of my shoes... my high one. I thought I'll never see it again. Two days later, I was walking down the street in front of our club and saw this. It was the high heel I've lost. I think someone got it with a mowing machine.. OOOPS. Haha ... I am certainly not Cinderella :D.